Birmingham German Market

The festive season is upon us once again and it is that time of year when Birmingham have their German market. I know it isn't even December yet and recognise that Christmas associations should not be around until the 1st of December but I still have attended something Christmas related oops (total Scrooge here but hey ho). The German market is an absolutely brilliant way to get into the Christmas spirit because it has so much German festivity, like bright lights and hot chocolate (not forgetting the very strong German beer! omnomnom). The market is also packed with a great variety of potential Christmas gifts for family and friends. This year the market is bigger than ever going through the high street all the way around to the library, thus there is an even bigger selection of gifts, foods, drinks, and a helluva lot of pretty things! I would most certainly recommend attending this event if you are ever in the area, it is open pretty much all day every day, however, I would persuade you to attend in the evening because it is so much nicer and festive!

Peace out!

Festive Lights
Lots of Santas!

A pint of German beer

Irish Cream coffee purchase

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