How to stay warm in a really cold house

The house I am renting in with my friends is a pretty old, tall and extremely cold house. As uni students we tend to avoid putting the heating on, particularly considering our gas and electric bills are paid via meters. It's a sad truth that it has been colder in our house than it is outside on most days. Except recently, there's been a rather big chill which is hand numbing, sadly. So the room I sleep in is the basement, and as you can imagine it is really really cold! Thus over the past few weeks, particularly this last one, I have been attempting ways at making sure I don't freeze into an ice cube over night. (Honestly, I dread to think how other people cope with colder weather than what we have in the UK).

Step one - Massive Duvet!

My duvet is a king-size, thankfully, which makes its ratio rather large when spread across my bed. I got the duvet from an Asda home store and it was surprisingly cheap considering it was the biggest one (cheaper than the ones from b&m!). I was expecting the duvet to be pretty thin as well but it's so thick which provides extra warmth whilst snuggled up underneath it.

Step two - Really Fluffy Blanket.

When I was moving into my new house my dad took me for a little home shop. Whilst in Aldi I came across the most fluffiest blanket ever. It was so soft, (it still is as a matter of fact) and you'll never believe how cheap it was considering the fluffiness. £10, 10 freaking pounds, bargain! So during the day I wrap this around me as an extra soft, fluffy, warm layer and at night I place it on top of my bed and sleep on it. I figured when I sleep on my blanket it not only prevents the coldness from my mattress, but also provides a rather comfy sleep.

Step three - Just Three Areas.

Make sure when you are cold, you cover the areas that are affected by the cold the most. For example, I have three areas which get affected bad and they are my shoulders, feet and particularly my hands. Slippers for the feet! Nice hoody for the shoulders and put my hands in the hoody.

Step four- Oldies.

Everybody's got those neglected old hoodies or hand me downs from parents or grandparents. Well gather them up and start wearing so you can keep yourself nice and warm, they're mega cosy!

Step five- Final step.

Hot drinks! Put the kettle on and warm up with a lovely hot cuppa, best way to keep warm inside and out.

Any more suggestions on how to keep warm in a cold house I would love to hear them!

Peace out!

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