Sea life!!!!

My boyfriend asked me when I moved back to university, which was roughly two months ago, to go on a date with him. It took ages for us to decide because we were just thinking of food places even though it's not really something we like to do, so this made the decision even longer! Until we realised we both wanted to go to the sea life centre in Birmingham so why not kill two birds with one stone hey? It wasn't until last Saturday that we got to go however, but it was awesome! We had to get the train dead early to get into Birmingham and so that we could spend ages there. First thing as you walk in guess what there is, freaking PENGUINS, yeah that's right (sadly they were too fast to actually get a decent photo). There was one penguin there which was following the keeper around trying to attack the stick which was quite amusing. 

Going around from that there were so many cute little marine fish, like nemo! And starfish which are so pretty! There was then a massive tank which had all ray fish in and they had a nice pop up to the surface to say hello, they're so cool.

 The jelly fish section was really strange however, because they had them all in tubed tanks and the tanks had mood lighting so it made it look as though the jelly fish were changing colour, which I imagine would be rather entertaining for the littlen's. 


Then right at the top they had otters and they are the most adorable things, sadly I couldn't reach to steal them. We then got lured into having our photo taken (aw, our first proper couple photo haha) and pretending as though we were being attacked by piranhas, weird yeah? but the photo looked funky so we bought it as both a lovely photo and a keyring.

Oh and guess what was next, freakin turtles, a whole section dedicated to those chilled out dudes riding the rip tide yo. They had some weird lookin turtles with long ass necks though, turtles never came across as having long necks before, but this special breed were rather quirky. 

There was only one bit that I really really did not like about the sea life centre and that was the tunnel where all the fishes are around but it was mainly the metal grid bit that freaked me. I had to suck it all up and try not to panic, especially when the grid moved! But besides that it was such a cute little couple of hours looking at all the sea life which now makes me happy because the centre has a scheme on and in many other places which help to preserve the species which are endangered. Entertaining for the public and amazing for the species. 

Enjoy the photos
Peace out!

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