Winter warmers

absolutely hate the idea of cold weather and having to cover up new clothes. Especially now that it has begun to snow I feel trapped inside. Whilst it may be pretty and can give snow days, it's too freakin cold! 

Thus on this lovely sunny but cold day I thought it could be a nice idea to take a bath! Using some of the new products I got for Christmas including a Lush hedgehog soap bomb thing. I tell you what it was blooming brilliant! ( although I did get sad when it melted away in my hands, then realised it was just soap oops). It made so many bubbles as well! My skin feels so smooth right now and smells amazing (not to brag). So the hedgehogs sacrifice was well worth it (and so was mothers money!). Whilst bathing I also used my colour changing mood duck which my friend Jess got for me and it is sooooo cool. I felt like a 6 year old again which was brilliant! 

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