Winter Snugglies

Going home over the holidays was amazing, my house was that warm I could wear a vest top and short shorts. Now coming back to my Uni house I'm finding myself wrapped up in a bazillion layers! Which is why I am so grateful for all the fluffy warm accessories I now find myself in possession of.

First off, DINOSAUR ONESIE. (I got this before I went home but it is well worth a mention). I've been after a beauty like this for at least a year, and when I went to purchase one they were no longer in store. So as you can imagine I was beyond thrilled when I found this in Primark for £12!!!! It even has a tail. However, as you probably are aware, onesies are an absolute pain when you need the toilet. Especially when the bathroom is freezing! Thus I requested a solution for that problem, and that was the most fluffiest dressing gown ever off my mother. It is incredibly warm to wear and also has a hood to prevent a chilly neck. Absolute beauty.

Secondly I'm now in possession of a helluva lot of heatable products. Slippers from the siblings are the first of the many I'd like to mention. They are not only slippers, however, they can be placed in the microwave and heated up to keep your feet extra warm and cosy. So basically like a wheat bag but ones to put on your feet! I also received the cutest heat up panda teddy ever from my housemate/friend Sarah, and I am not lying when I say it is adorable.

Finally my siblings and mother have added to my collection of hot water bottles and fluffy blankets with a dinosaur hot water bottle and blanket. For future reference I like dinosaurs and my family takes this interest overboard which I really don't mind at all. It's not an obsession it's simply an exaggerated preference! 

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and stay nice and warm for this wintery weather. (I most certainly will)

Peace out guys! 

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