Things that make me happy

This post is dedicated to things that make me happy, and rather than using things that are possessions this post will look at the experiences one cannot buy or own. If happiness is gained by owning possessions then it is never really true happiness.

1) I have fallen in love with the late night breeze before the sun sets, the way it is so overwhelming with freshness yet still holding the slight hint of warmth.

2) Summer nights. My all time favourite as it is something to look forward to in the darkest half of the year. I know it is only nearing the beginning of spring, but already the excitement for summer is hitting. With the clocks being brought forward fairly soon, so even lighter nights! Along with the increasing amount of sun throughout the day.

3) Friends and family. Living at uni means plenty of time away from family which requires forming a replacement family of some sort. The friends I live with never fail to bring a smile to my face, even if it's been a terrible day. Not forgetting to mention those ones who are in my home town, which I honestly do not know what I'd do without them.

4) Early mornings. Waking up to the early morning after a well rested sleep is amazing. Especially when the sky is blue and the daylight bursts through the blinds. The freshness and sense of a new day fills me with joy. It is most certainly a mood booster for the start of the day.

5) Cute animals doing cute things.


6) Walking. I absolutely love walking. Mainly for the view, on top of a mountain or hill of some form, feeling on top of the world because there is so much to see. I love the challenge of walking up to get to the top and the satisfaction of making it to the top.

7) Exercising. Even though exercising is a pain most of the time, it is worth doing for the good feeling afterwards. It can also be done pretty much anywhere at any time and the overall effect is worth it in the long run.

8) I am a sucker when it comes to scenery, especially when it is to do with the ocean and all the other big puddles out there. Unfortunately I do not come across these views as often as I wish, but when the chances arise I embrace it as much as possible.

So there are eight things that make me happy, what are yours?

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