Healthy is the New Skinny

There are several things that tick my nerve, but one thing that really infuriates me is when people decided it's okay to shame on the way individual's bodies are (shape and size). I think it is really disgusting how people think saying negative things about the way people look will achieve anything other than causing that individual to be in pain. Sometimes even the case where the individual will have that comment played over and over for several years to come. I know they say 'Sticks and stones' etc, but harsh words stick, and they stick for a long time.

Before I attended University, I was never really the healthiest person (even though I am vegetarian) and fair enough I wasn't exactly the smallest of people either. In fact, the first year of University went so downhill for my health and appearance, it was bad... However, last summer I made a change. I decided to be a better, fitter, healthier person. Yet still I'm not exactly the best looking figure around, yeah I still have cellulite and stretch marks. But since changing my habits I have finally come to the acceptance that this is who I am and it probably will stay that way for as long as I exist. Enough of living in fear of what people could say about you, or to you. Enough of having to look across popular internet posts, magazines and adverts with all these 'sexy' people and thinking 'dammit why can't that be me'. Even the people in the images would probably look back and think the same thing. Heck I feel so great after a workout I don't even care if I don't look as toned and defined (to unachievable expectations).

Since my high school years I have always had the thought in my head that I need to be perfection, even to the point where eating in front of people (who were not family) became a problem. Thank fully when I had to live with others at University my flat mate was very welcoming and non judgemental, otherwise that would have been difficult. Some of these thoughts came from the outside world, whereas others would come from people I knew. Back then I wouldn't really have known what to say, hence hiding it and developing a problem to create difficulty for myself. Now I would probably tell them to back off because it's not their place to say. Then again, now I am a much more healthier person all round.

I want people to understand that passing comments around about the way that people look really affects their actions. For those who are easily influenced as well it can be so much worse. In fact, why should that really matter anyway. Nature changes people's appearances everyday as we slowly age, we slowly change. In particular, for those who are looking for relationships, whether that be friendship or lovers, you have to spend time with these people. You have to enjoy their company, and if you want this relationship to be everlasting you need to accept that these people will change over time in appearance. So why go around making hateful comments on the way that people look (shape/size) when this will get you nowhere. Either ending up befriending someone who will change in looks 10 years by now, or someone who will turn out to bore you with their company.

So basically, please refrain from saying 'oh they're too skinny' or 'oh they're too big', or the general comments that surround these phrases. It really hurts and affects people deeply. Just remember there is more to a person than simply the way that they look.

Me and the bro after a lovely run.
Peace out!

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