Northwick Lido Nature Reserve

It was a beautiful day the other day so two friends (Khan and Sarah) and myself decided to go for a wander. Little did we know where we'd end up and how far we had gone! We live in the city centre of Worcester, so what we came across was quite a surprise and contrast to where we had just walked from. Our usual day trips end up at Gheluvelt Park, so we headed that way but carried on through the estate beyond the park. Several alleyways and a field with adorable horses later we ended up facing a sign showing 'Northwick Lido Nature Reserve'. 

Down a car track we wondered and came across the first sign which showed point 1 of the Northwick Heritage Trail and decided to follow the trail seen as we were already there! This trail entailed several fields alongside the river with several fields full of cows and horses.

Bringing us to point 4 of the Heritage Trail to which we found ourselves trapped in a field with cows blocking the pathway to the gate. This dilemma mostly occurred due to my friend, Sarah, feeling a little on edge as the cows were staring at her, into her soul. Gotta love that girl. Eventually the cows mooved (see what I did there? Yeah my friends weren't impressed either!) so we were able to follow the pathway and continue our adventure.

The pathway is where Khan is and so are the cows!

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Point 4 of the Heritage Trail was also the point across from Belvedere Weir and the Island where there were plenty of fisherman amused at our dilemma!

Around point 5 the trail began heading off the fields and into the lovely little village. The trail continues around lanes and through the village for a couple of miles until it reaches point 9 which is both the beginning and the end of the Heritage Trail. 

I cannot believe I have lived in Worcester for nearly two years now and have only just come across this beautiful place. I would never have thought something so beautiful could be so close to the city I live in. 

Peace out!

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