Weston Super Mare

On the 28th of June my father took me and my siblings out for the day for my birthday. It was a wonderful day even though the weather was atrocious at the beginning of the day. They picked me up from Worcester and we travelled down to Weston Super Mare. It was around about 11ish by the time we arrived and we had a wonderful sandwich/panini from a lovely little cafe along the seafront. We then made way up to the Grand Pier, to which my father was unconvinced it would cost £1 to get on, he believed me when he saw it though. Due to my brothers fascination in amusements we then proceeded into the building on the pier and lost quite a lot of money... Standard really.  On the pier they have an American milkshake diner which was too hard to avoid with these lot!

We had a nice little wonder around the pier and then across near to the harbour for a while until returning to the car. Then headed round a few miles to a beach just on the outskirts of Weston Super Mare. The beach was quite nice, even though it was still a little chilly! The sand dunes were pretty cool as well, even though they smelt of dog faeces. 

Father then decided to travel across the toll bridge to South Wales, ending up in a lovely little village called Tintern. We stopped off at an abandoned railway site where there was a cafe and a shop in a train! The place did cream teas and of course we had one, who would say no to that! By this point the sun had picked up as well so it made for a great atmosphere on picnic benches!

  Sadly the day was coming to a close so we had to head back on up to Worcester where I spent the night with my sister. All in all it was a beautiful day and I am very lucky to have these people as my family.

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