Worcester Krav Maga Taster Session

A friend of mine has been attending Krav Maga lessons in Worcester for several weeks and invited me along for a taster session. I thought this would be a good idea to try out, especially considering as a woman I feel more intimidated walking alone; day or night. What more do women want than to simply feel confident and safe walking home alone?

So we went to the lesson held at St Johns Sport Centre and I was introduced to the people holding the session who appeared very friendly and welcoming. Then the session began... I will say I have been to Karate lessons before, but this was quite something. We went through several warm up activities and then progressed to moves of the art. This was quite confusing to begin with, especially with coordination! Fortunately, the people who I paired up with could tell this sort of thing was new to me and were really nice helping me get through the moves that I couldn't quite conquer to begin with. Although it was tough I didn't feel uncomfortable or judged if I were to make a wrong move as the class had a good sense of community. There were people of all ages, both male and female. Whilst in my head I would have preferred an all women's class, I can see the benefits of being in a mixed class putting into perspective that I would have to use more strength against men. The session was admittedly tough, although it was a great fitness session and I learnt quite a few moves that will help if I ever came into that situation.

The session was held between 8 and 10 on the Tuesday. For more information about where their sessions are held elsewhere visit their website at http://www.krav.co.uk/. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this taster session, the people held a friendly atmosphere and I came out of it feeling quite confident and empowered. If you live in Worcestershire, especially women, I can guarantee this class will help you feel safer walking alone and definitely worth checking out, not to mention all the fun involved alongside!

Peace out!

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