A Day Trip to Snowdonia ft. Electric Mountain

At the beginning of September my dad suggested we take a little day trip down to Snowdonia and visit the electric mountain. Our day began on the Sunday at 7 A.M. ready to travel 2/3 hours down to the land of the Welsh (if you do not know this is the one out of two favourite places my family visits). Soon enough we were in Llanberis, for the tour of the Electric Mountain (Dinorwig Power Station). Dinorwig Power Station is located within the mountain and is a major hydro electric power station which took over 10 years to build until it was opened in 1984. The power station is essential to the moments where there is an up-rise in the use of electricity in Britain, for example 'when we all decide to make a cup of tea' (this phrase was used on numerous occasions during the tour). It was a very pleasant experience as the staff there were all friendly and entertaining. We were taken via a bus under the mountain and had several chances to get off the bus and see the works of what happens during the process. Did you know it only takes 16 seconds for the generators to reach maximum generation? No? Well now you do! Unfortunately it was against the rules and regulations to bring phones and cameras under the mountain (for safety purposes) so I was unable to take photos. However, if you visit their website you will see the fascinating facts and photos.

That was only the first part of the day, there was more to come! We visited this lovely cafe across the road (or two and to the right technically) which did Traditional Welsh Afternoon Tea and other delights we indulged in gracefully (sort of). Then we headed around to Beddgelert which translates 'Gelert's Grave'. Gelert was the faithful hound to the medieval Welsh Prince Llewelyn the Great and the grave tells the story of the tragedy that happened in the 13th century. If you ever intend to visit Snowdonia make sure to take a trip to this place and read the tale.

We then headed around to Blackrock sands which is a place where you can drive and park on the beach, however, you'd get the occasional person spinning carelessly around in their car. But the time we went at was great because there were less people there and the sun was beginning to set down. Even though it had been raining and it wasn't exactly sunbathing weather it was still a beautiful sight.

Cave on Blackrock Sands

Blackrock Sands beach

Then we decided it was more food time and headed to Bala for some delightful fish and chips, which were really good. On the way there we were going along some pass (it is hard to remember all the names of all the roads) through the hills and stopped along a lay by where I scared some sheep trying to take photo of the pink sky over some hills. 

View from the hilltop

All in all it was a wonderful, yet tiring day and we made the most of a day trip to Snowdonia. Don't forget to try it out sometime, if you don't you sure are missing out! 

View of Snowdon coming from Portmadog

Peace out!

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