To the North Welsh Coast and Back

       Bank holiday travels are mostly fun in any other time of the year that isn't December, particularly with extremely windy and wet weather. Despite the struggle to walk through the wind we managed to make the most of a day trip to Barmouth and back through Llangollen. Early start to the day, as per usual, arriving in Barmouth around half past ten and the chilly sea breeze was felt straight away. Barmouth is a lovely little town on the north west coast of Wales with beautiful buildings and a magnificent view of the mountain range with Cadair Idris in sight.

 Besides the slightly run down amusements (where barely anything worked) there is little to do during the Winter in Barmouth. There were a few shops open and we had a look around the round house before going to The Last Inn which is a Marstons pub on the harbour. The place opened at midday and by the time we got there at quarter past twelve it was almost full! We did manage to find a seat in a very cosy (squashed) corner. The pub itself was well decorated with nets, alcohol bottles and red lights (the lights made my eyes go funny after a while). The food was quite nice there as well, my dad, brother and dad's girlfriend particularly enjoyed their food.

After eating we travelled across to Llangollen where the River Dee runs through. Llangollen is such a pretty town, particularly at night in the Winter. We went up the hill to a cafe situated on the canal side, which had nice drinks and cake, We walked a little along the river way admiring the slightly overflown river which was rather pretty.

I do enjoy the little towns of Wales, even if there is little to do I still appreciate the nature surrounding the towns and how pretty they are. I'm thankful for my dad who takes the time to take us out on days like this and how lucky I am that my dad can do this for us and always will be very grateful.It was such a pleasant day with beautiful views and I would continue to do this and recommend these places to visit as they are beautiful places.

Peace out!

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