Vegetarian Sweets

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a bit of the sun over the past week and spent plenty of time in the beer garden. Well now sadly it looks as though we are going to be stuck indoors with this miserable cold and wet weather, so why don't you take a read of this post with a nice warm cup of tea.

As some of you may know I am a vegetarian and have been for just over 10 years. Don't worry though when you hear I'm a vegetarian because I'm not going to be preaching and protesting to get y'all to turn to the dark side. Honestly, this is merely an introduction to the story yet to come. The thing is, you get strange spontaneous cravings here and there, this including ones to satisfy the sweet tooth. See, I know Haribo brought out the vegetarian friendly mix a few years ago, but that just didn't quite cut it. Which brings me on to the Marks & Spencer's range of vegetarian sweets - Colin the Caterpillar.

I only found out about this range around 6 months ago when a new 'shopping centre' was built in my home town - which of course out of the 8 shops an M&S was built. This was only around the corner from where my sister (the sweet fanatic) lives, so of course she found out about the range and shared the news. So I thought I would share the two types that I prefer with my fellow vegetarian readers, and to all my other readers even if you don't sway this way.

Fizzy Rainbows

These fizzy rainbow Colin the caterpillars my fav out of the two I am showing you today. They aren't like normal fizzy sweets they sort of foam up with fizz when you eat them. Slightly addictive so make sure you hide the packet after 1 or 2 to stop the packet going down so fast! I think these are a great alternative for vegetarians, they are soft and fizzy and help to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Fruit Sours

These are exactly as they say on the label - sour, very sour. If you have a very sensitive taste towards sour, be warned, take one bite at a time! Now for those of you who are OK with sour tastes, these are still really nice and fruity. I believe it is a mixture between raspberry & orange and lemon & lime. Again, with these ones they are also moreish so make sure, for your own sake, you hide the packet otherwise you may end up with a numb tongue after one too many!

I am very happy M&S brought this vegetarian range out, when it was first out they had an offer on for 2 for £2.50 - which I believe is quite cheap compared to most of the food in their stores. I have only ever bought these when they have been on offer and that has only been once or twice. Besides the price, the range is quite good and these two products are particularly enticing. I do suggest if you are vegetarian to get yourself down to M&S and have a look at these products if you haven't done so before. Even you guys that aren't vegetarian, they are definitely worth a try!

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions of vegetarian sweets yourself please feel free to share in the comments.

Peace out!

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