Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed

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Friday the 13th was actually pretty wicked day for me this year. Last year my dad surprised us with tickets to go with them and see Avenged Sevenfold with the supports of Disturbed and In Flames. (*waves hands in the air* - thanks dad). We weren't too fussed about seeing In Flames so we arrived just in time to see Disturbed. 

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Disturbed were amazing to see live. After only recently listening to and enjoying their music it was pretty awesome to get to see them perform. To begin with the lead singer, David Draiman, had strong and clear vocals that were easy to hear throughout the performance. The stage settings went along with the songs that were played. I mean, they had fire blasting out on stage. How cool is that?! 

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Every song they played was amazing but the best one that I was dying to see live was The Sound Of Silence. It sounded amazing in the arena, it was intense. I mean the song itself is great enough by itself listening through speakers. But to hear it live was incredible.

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Not only was the music amazing but the general aura of Disturbed was pretty awesome. The band got the crowd involved and everyone looked to be having a great time. All in all Disturbed were great to see and I 100% recommend listening to their music and seeing them at their next show. 

Avenged Sevenfold

Now to the moment the excitement had all been leading up to - AVENGED. I have been obsessed with A7X for a good few years now and they bring back so many memories, specifically trips around winding roads in Wales. You know when you listen to songs and instantly an image appears bringing back memories, well for me all avenged songs bring images of country lanes and sunny Sundays.

So, as you can imagine I was super excited for their performance. (I have seen them before a few years ago and that was awesome then,so I had quite high expectations for this show.).

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If I am being completely honest the first song they played The Stage was a slight let down. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that A7X had brought out a new album before the tour so this song was important to be played. However, based on the crowds reactions and personal opinion I feel it would have been better if they began with Nightmare or Buried Alive.

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This was well compensated for after the first song as we did get to see Nightmare being performed. There was a variety of songs from different albums and several from the new album (which it appeared barely any of the audience knew or felt taken to).

I do like variety as it gives the opportunity to be brought back to those memories of old songs and also introduces new songs. I'll admit I was rather skeptical when it came to listening to the new songs but one or two songs grew on me, the others not so much. The video playing in the background of the performance God Damn did compensate for some of the other songs played.

There were some clear comparisons between the performance of Disturbed and A7X. The main one that slightly let the performance down was that it was difficult to hear the lead singer, M Shadows, while the rest of the band were playing. It was at several points throughout certain songs where it was hard to hear what he was singing. Whereas when Disturbed were playing they had such a strong voice. Now I know this was probably down to technical issues because the first time I saw avenged they had a strong performance.

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Besides the technical let downs I loved seeing them again. They are always going to bring back so many memories when I listen to them and their music always hits my heart. I would definitely recommend going to see Disturbed or A7X live if you've never seen them. Even if you have, go watch them again because you know how awesome they are. Cheers for a sick night guys.

Photo Credit: Kee

What bands are you into and would you go and see either of these bands? If you have any comments feel free to leave your message in the section below.

Peace out!

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